How to add a linux livecd on a bootable USB flash drive with refind?

There is such a bootable flash drive:
In the video the entire review is to review work in legacy mode, uefi is displayed once for a health check. Since the addition, this video is partially lost relevance (in uefi mode now refind), and a forum distribution I haven't got found (well, actually, according to Google, people who put refind on a flash drive, is almost non-existent). In General, there is a flash drive like in the video, but uefi instead of that, the video refind. The crux of the matter: in the video (12:50) legacy of the author is loaded to the folder with the images (User.Image) and starts the tails livecd. How to download tails livecd in uefi from a refind'? Or rather: how to add it on a flash drive (iso or extracted) to prescribe in the config refind'a what to put kernel parameters, etc.? I would be very grateful for answers and tips.

P. S. At the time of writing the issue in the config added entry (Cali):
menuentry "Kali" {
 icon \efi\boot\icons\kali.png
 loader \boot\images\kali\live\vmlinuz
 options "boot=live uefimode=yes iflkmap=us ktl=qwerty iflbflag=0"
 initrd \boot\images\kali\live\initrd.img
# disabled

(the \boot\images\kali is the contents of the image of. site. Downloaded image -> open archive -> moved the contents to a USB flash drive)
Here the exhaust when you try to download: 5dfa4737c4314068879297.png
April 3rd 20 at 18:33
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