As found in the laravel zashifrovannoe link in the footer?

In one of the projects laravel whole layout code is in the js script can't find the link the footer to remove it, but found the code, the link leads to a github project where is stored this reference? t.github
}, [a("v-spacer"), t._v(" "), a("span", [t._v("2019©")]), t._v(" "), a("v-btn", {
 attrs: {
 href: t.github
 target: "_blank",
 small: "",
 outline: "",
 color: "white"
 }, [t._v("GitHub")]), t._v(" "), a("v-spacer")], 1), t._v(" "), a("monitoring-dialog", {
 attrs: {
 dialog: t.monitoringDialog,
 monitoring: t.monitoring
 on: {
 close: t.closeMonitoringDialog
April 3rd 20 at 18:34
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