How to design the behavior of the uninstall process?

Given: electronic document management System. Deleting documents in the system by employees
prohibited. To remove erroneously generated documents, the staff create a task to delete
for the administrator. The administrator puts the documents in the basket and then remove them all at once.
To do this, go to basket, select all documents and click the “Delete object”
April 3rd 20 at 18:34
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April 3rd 20 at 18:36
Something wrong with you.
Our database needs to store only the metadata, the documents lie on the disk.
The removal process is associated with the process of versioning, so in the database I need a flag is_deleted.
Actually he should be put by the user.
Remove the same by the administrator means that the second flag is cocked is_persist_deleted
After that, the document disappears from the system, but available via direct link as a historical document.
Accordingly, in this approach, the file operation will not happen, just make the update desired fields within one transaction and a situation of "not removal" occurs. PS and the time of the "removal" of 5 seconds is nonsense

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