Trying to create a Minecraft server but unable to go to him, why?

I created a server and he kind of starts and all is well why I can't log in although made a permanent IP , DNS . Tried it seems everything , and came to a deadlock , if someone knows please help !) "If you need something to attach I will attach"
April 3rd 20 at 18:36
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April 3rd 20 at 18:38
1)first you need to go into the settings of your router, if so use it. To enter the configuration DHCP and manually assign to a computer/laptop to a local address. The fact that each time you restart the router, or every 2 hours your local IP will change. Need to make it static. On various routers it looks a little different, but the essence is the same:
1 - Choose a device from the list or enter MAC address of the network card hands
2 - Assign IP (like

2) Not leaving the router settings go to open the port. How to do it - Google. A bunch of information for any model of router. Assign the port 25565 (default for Minecraft) your static IP address, which you yourself ordered.

3) Reboot the router, the more you there is nothing to do. Open the config file of the server in it:
- "online-mod=true" change to "false"
- whitelist= false
- ip-adress= (do not change anything, leave empty)

That's all, nothing more I can not remember.

If you are going to play for the Internet, you must make sure that the provider gives you the ability to open ports. If that doesn't work - put the client initially Hamachi or something similar, start the world in single player, open it up for your network in the pause menu, connect according to the procedure of Hamachi.

If you play at home on the network - just open the world for a network of loners. It became available in the latest versions for sure. To download separately server - is unnecessary for this purpose, especially with a separate server performance below. And fashion and so it is enough to have 2 of the same client with the same set of mods.

Did it on Ubuntu 16.04.6. Played between 16 Ubuntu, Windows 7, Windows Vista simultaneously.

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