The problem with megasaefolia on subdomains, in what could be the problem?

Again confusion with this megasaefolia.


created a second site in the admin with the name there is also a website
in the settings all as the guides, first written as second sort all the cases.
ran the wizard, chose the solution, the installation is complete, a lot of what the menu items came from the first website
the iblock looked all OK, for example: there is a iblock "contacts", next to the same contact, one is connected to the second S1 S2
but displays the info from the first website, for example menu 1, it should be no sub-menus at first site, but they are there and if they open they open in this domain.

but this information is not displayed.

the first site is in the folder ../site/
the second site is in the folder ../site/eng/
(or maybe there is a problem that the folder of one site, the second should not be?!)

Don't know what to do.. + in front of each information block should be s1 or s2, I have 2 of the information block with the same name, if only to see inside of it there are settings.
April 3rd 20 at 18:38
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