Can't download dynamic website?

There is a directory on a private server, want to keep it to myself with all the connections as he is, tried many programs - Offline Explorer, etc., also tried wget.
ks.tmh-service.EN:4213/service.svc/GetBrowserHTML username and password guest
Pictures on the website in svg and everything works via scripts, please help
April 3rd 20 at 18:39
1 answer
April 3rd 20 at 18:41
Every dynamic website is written program equivalenta his scripts, which dynamic data will build a static page as the scripts do. Because it is individual and takes a decent time - it costs money, but in General feasible.
The site though also dynamic, but the data have a clear hierarchy and the UUID.
Thanks, I will then handles the necessary data to pick out - Jermaine34 commented on April 3rd 20 at 18:44

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