How to make a iframe?
If you click "Watch!" then there is an iframe.
What is striking is that:
  • - this iframe has no src attribute, so it is not possible to know where it was downloaded.
  • - in the middle of the dom of the iframe, nothing is displayed, so it is not possible to get html content iframe
  • - when you click on "Look up!" is a request for

the response from the server when it is empty
but when you click on the address you get an empty page.
Take the example on your server.
See iframe
  • - this iframe has a src attribute so that you can understand how it was downloaded.
  • - furthermore can directly in the console to see the contents of the iframe


How to make as
Any request to Google contains the word iframe throws the sites where the question is asked from 1995, "how to load website in iframe" that 100 years is not true. And really find the information is not possible.
Can't find the answer, help.
April 3rd 20 at 18:40
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