How to adequately build a working and gaming space on a single computer?

Please help to find an adequate solution.

I am a creative person and musician. In my work I use Cubase, Adobe After Effects, Blender3D, ZBrush, Adobe Premiere, etc.
There is an external audio card connected via USB and works via ASIO.
Windows 10. I also love to play with toys, put the trash, to try new software and new Hobbies.

At some point Windows gets clogged or begins to fail, in the end I decided to distinguish between work and play space. But I can't think of what is best way to do it.
What you want in the end
— I want fast switching between OS. That is, you can just put two separate OSes on the same computer, but it's not too convenient.
— Need to be able to restore a working OS from a backup is completely one to one.
— Both OSes should have direct access to one set pereferii. i.e. the same mouse, keyboard, sound card, a set of multiple monitors (currently two, would like to put then another third), and everything else
In the audio software should work, and ASIO needs to be low latency.
— In After Effects must be adequate performance.
— Ability to play shooters at low-medium settings. (Apex Legends, CS:GO)

I myself have such options emerge:
1) Two separate PC and some version of KVM boxes, but I don't know whether there are suitable for my objective. After all, I now have about 10 USB devices, as it is all to link whether many ports will the click audio card switching. Keyboard and mouse solved for example using Symless Synergy, but the rest works just fine.

2) to Put on one PC with two virtual OS under empty master system(?).
And working exclusively in virtual machines. Unfortunately I know nothing about virtualization, and have never lifted a virtual machine. Now I read about VT-D and VT-X, but it is not clear whether all there to work on the native machine will have problems or wild drawdown in performance, especially in After Effects.

3) Put the master system, the working OS, and gaming in virtual reality. So perhaps the issue of performance, but it is not clear how to organize backups and if I can normally play games in virtual reality.

Computer configuration now
Gigabyte GA-Z68XP-UD4 (Intel Z68)
Intel i7 2600K
GeForce GTX 660
Windows 10

But I plan in the future to be updated, with an emphasis on work in AE.
April 3rd 20 at 18:46
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April 3rd 20 at 18:48
At some point Windows gets clogged or begins to fail

If this is the main reason to help you than not. Because it is a completely false statement.
1. Clog files? Ie in your OS is buggy due to the large number of files or what? So, OS for files - not buggy.
2. Clogged with the programs? Ie again files or what? If not, why do you all programs start and leave them in the background? Control that established, themselves! The OS will not do it.
3. The registry gets clogged (how many generalists would say)? The registry is a set of files that constitute the database. Each user has its own registry file "NTUSER.DAT". It is located in the user directory. View the size if interested. Often, it does not exceed 10MB.

So what clogged the OS? Maybe your crooked hands? Excuse me, but would not otherwise say.
OS begins to fail because of iron. The OS on the HDD is slow because HDD is not satisfied in the speed. Put a SSD and will not have "clogged Windows". Plus, the HDD fast enough to spend your resource. Just one slow sector, which will slow down almost all operations.

Here's more in addition IMHO:
I have Windows stands 2014 (moved because I bought a SSD), programs installed under a thousand (screen skins if required). Screws I have 5 pieces + ssd. Packed to the eyeballs. The updates are almost all a month after release (exclude kosyachny and unwanted). I'm a software developer and this is my work computer, also, he and my gaming place where installed under fifty big games. Ie the situation as you have. I have prof FOR, I have games, but the problem I have is no reason. Although my PC during working hours is the range tests, which tested every perversion.
And by the way, I do not use any means of "cleaning Windows".

Maybe you should increase computer literacy?
A Fig knows what it is clogged there. Today Discord stopped suddenly to work and run, but other everything was fine. CS:GO today broke down and will not start, cache in Steam, checked, said everything is fine. Apex legends and Origin works fine. And so occasionally something breaks. SSD under the system costs, cleaning agents, too, as if no.
After the installation I remember the wind was flying, and now for example, some photoshop loaded instead of 5 seconds, for about half a minute.

I have no idea whether it died I got a hardware, a software problem or my "crooked hands", but it's now a little it was a shame, because the essence of the question and in General, this transition to the individual. :/

Clogged can anything. Once again broke to check it on virus total and here Kaku any malware picked up. The sandbox I don't use. All sorts of complex programs with torrents many leave behind, and cleaned it all broke, for example, any service with the license servers. Want to make your life easier, download some program that integrates into Explorer the same, and then to the end is not deinstalled.

The problem of course in the approach, but my comp is range for tests and experiments, in the end, it turns out garbage and occasionally something falls off. I have no idea why this is happening, the iron died on me, something burned out, hard drives die, USB perfere any errors gives, just with the latest update WIndows some driver came off, hands can do curves, bad luck, it doesn't matter.

I want everything worked like clockwork, so I decided that a separate system is perfect and in case of any error, I can always restore from the image, some Acronis.
I do not understand how it works virtualization and KVM switches in 2019 and what can I obtain with this technology.
And what kind of drawdown in the performance I get.

I'm glad that you all like clock work of course, but my problem is not solved.
And the question was not about the blockage of Windows and not about my computer literacy. - Don.Nikolaus commented on April 3rd 20 at 18:51
@Don.Nikolaus, the question was not about that, except that the solution of the question is. You need to understand what to put and where. You need to have antivirus on Board. By the way I have ESET Smart Security. You need to understand that backups also need to do. And this problem will be solved.
The separation of the workplace will not solve the problem in any of its manifestations. Be it a dev or two different machines or sandbox without understanding the basic things you all will always be "clogged". In fact, what will change after the split? Wind the same iron the same. The dev still will reduce performance. - Bernadette71 commented on April 3rd 20 at 18:54
@Don.Nikolaus, CS GO, for example, may not close completely. Ie the game after exiting the game remains hanging. Consequently after that you will not run the game until you finish the old process. Such a problem I have. - Bernadette71 commented on April 3rd 20 at 18:57
@Don.Nikolaus, in the rest, no, that just does not break. There is always a reason. And that reason is not always the OS. - Bernadette71 commented on April 3rd 20 at 19:00
@Bernadette71, CS:GO starts, then csgo.exe runs the child csgo.exe and then werfault.exe and they krastsa. Well, here's what I do, when it suddenly appears? x) - Don.Nikolaus commented on April 3rd 20 at 19:03
@Don.Nikolaus, to determine the culprit. werfault - just collects logs. - Bernadette71 commented on April 3rd 20 at 19:06
@Bernadette71, the separation of the workplace will solve the issue in the Bud, because I can simply not think about anything, to be blonde and in any unclear situation, just at the root of the backup system from the image.

On the main system just is difficult to do because you need to follow the established toys, garbage, and production system changes nothing from the point of view of software, so they need an exceptional consistency. - Don.Nikolaus commented on April 3rd 20 at 19:09
I mean, I don't want to change their habits as a solution to this problem, it's the last decision I choose. The objective is to simplify your life, with what we have.
Yes, you can follow the software. Yes, and regular system images with Acronis to do. Yes, it is possible not to put trash. But it quickly bored, because I am human and I tend to error and relaxation.
I don't want postoian to think about how my PC would have worked fine, I just want to make it work x) - Don.Nikolaus commented on April 3rd 20 at 19:12
@Don.Nikolaus, that is exactly your mistake. I don't think about how not to stumble, lest the PC began to slow down. I put what I want. I just don't like if the software puts itself in startup or in services. To remove this is easy. Nothing else to put stuff.

It's like using toilet paper with holes and wonder what your hand becomes dirty, but the decision ultimately to choose to use the same toilet paper, but alternate hands. - Bernadette71 commented on April 3rd 20 at 19:15
@Bernadette71, amazing compare)) - Aron19 commented on April 3rd 20 at 19:18
April 3rd 20 at 18:50
Two Windows 10 on different SSD inserted into 260ed62b6549aba66cdd58d653ace79b_250x250
April 3rd 20 at 18:52
Two OS is the right choice. Toys on the VM don't play much, performance will suffer, and so you ensured that you even these toys were able to run the same card nvidia dev is not so easy to traverse. The most competent decision - the two ssd and two OS. One for work and another for games. Switching takes less than a minute. Of course, this approach would be unwieldy, if you like half an hour to work and do a conditional break in dotco and then another half an hour to work.
If you do not mind to collect two cars - KVM switches have usb hubs with external power too.

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