Why ydcmd does not send files to Yandex.Drive?

I think many people know the script ydcmd, which helps you to manage and sync folders and files from a linux shell Yandex.Disc. I installed this myself to set a backup. Run the script everything is working and downloading and creating directories, except for the put command. Ie the script is run, hangs in the process what works, no error is issued. What could be the reason? There is a suspicion on a hosting company which has a paid service for regular backups - maybe that's the problem? And if so, how exactly to know that this is a hoster, to then poke his nose?
And if not hoster that can still interfere with transmission?
P. S. copy to mega.nz set up without problems, but it's not the most popular cloud and hosting provider can ignore?
VPS on Ubuntu LTS 16.04.6
April 3rd 20 at 18:47
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