How to attach iscsi disks to the cluster?

Good day!
I have a sandbox of:
- 2 hyper-v server core 2019
1 freenas server
- 1 server windows 2019 with DC
- 1 workstation on windows 10
- The domain in which is is all.

you need to create a cluster of two hyper-v servers and give them a shared repository that would be in the fall of 1 server all its role passed to another.

I created a repository (10, 15 and 500 GB in Prince), hooked up the 500GB to my computer for win 10, checked, everything is seen-written-deleted.

Hooked up all three partitions to a single hyper-v server. also all see-write-delete
Yellow highlight wheels finasa. Tom 0 - why-that remained from the first attempt to attach the storage using the initiator.5dfca74cd95e9153994931.png

Created the cluster using failover cluster manager of two hyper-v servers. But in the tab "disks" I got nothing. "Add disc" reports that are available for this drive there. I added the disks using the iscsi initiators on both servers, but to no avail.

Read the manuals from Internet, but something is not fused. So many things tried to remedy the situation, which is likely at the stage of publication of this issue somewhere screwed up once again. Maybe first you want to attach the storage, and then assemble the cluster, or Vice versa. or you can attach the storage to only one server. or both. or even not to use it for the cluster.
April 3rd 20 at 18:48
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April 3rd 20 at 18:50
Here explains everything well and clear.

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