How to display the detailed template of product card in Bitrix?


On the website CMS Bitrix, in your template, I copied the templates directory, and a card product change in the main folder.

But when you click on a productfor detailed view, change the url, but displays the same main directory, what could it be?

Even when clicking onopredelennuyu category from the menu displays the main directory with all the goodson how to make to display only products of a certain category?

Here is the call component in the folder /catalog/:
<?$APPLICATION->IncludeComponent("bitrix:catalog", "specpricep", array(
 "IBLOCK_TYPE" => "catalog",
 "IBLOCK_ID" => "2",
 "TEMPLATE_THEME" => "site",
 "BASKET_URL" => "/personal/cart/",
 "ACTION_VARIABLE" => "action",
 "SEF_MODE" => "Y",
 "SEF_FOLDER" => "/catalog/",
 .... "other settings"

In the template directory, cause the component to display all products in all categories:
 "IBLOCK_ID" => 2,
 "SECTION_ID" => 0,
April 3rd 20 at 18:49
1 answer
April 3rd 20 at 18:51
The URL of the page information block: #SITE_DIR#/catalog/
Page URL section #SITE_DIR#/catalog/#SECTION_CODE#/
The URL of the page of detailed view #SITE_DIR#/catalog/#SECTION_CODE#/#ELEMENT_CODE#/

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