Question by unsubscribing from the newsletter. How to get a letter from by clicking on the link in the email?

I did in the letter which make a newsletter - the "unsubscribe" link which leads to my WordPress website, on the page unsubscribe from a list. There is a contact form Contact Form 7, which is "we are sorry that You unsubscribe...blah blah blah" button - to unsubscribe, bringing me the e-mail. But I had to add a field to populate the email, but this is unnecessary violence against otpisyvaetsya. How to implement to me in the mail came the email from which you want to unsubscribe? Can I try clicking the link in the email - I sent a letter to that address need to unsubscribe? And his site will open the page that You have already unsubscribed.
Here once implemented:
April 4th 20 at 00:38
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