How to run only one task in the queue of laravel?

There is a SAAS service which has the model Users, it has a connection with the model Accounts.
Accounts are generated for each task and are placed in a queue, some tasks, chains of tasks. Upon completion of generating more tasks for the same account.

Work is still on the Horizon + redis.

The documentation I read, I understand this can be done using Redis::funnel('key') - but this option assumes that the worker will constantly take the task, to break off to return a task and so on, and the challenges are many. The timeouts are to be handled is also not easy - tasks must be performed one after the other the very next day.

1 worker 1 turn, so too a variant - how about the fact that 10000 users, respectively, and queue stolkozhe.

How to organize a line that would parallel to run tasks for multiple accounts, but only 1 task for a single account.
April 4th 20 at 00:39
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