What is the condition for performing signal m2m_changed?

Hello! I have override the model save () in it after performing some action, you create an object of a different model(Clients) with the command "model_name.objects.create". Everything worked great. Then it took me a m2m_changed signal to extract data from a ManyToManyField, because save() is not capable of it. In functions related to the m2m_changed, execute other code, unrelated to the creation of an object of a different model(Clients), which I described above. To instigate change in the function signal cause instance.save(). After running the code look into the database content Clients and there is one value(1) recorded other(3). So wonder what the hell it actually does function-the m2m_changed signal? She's somehow tied to the save command "super().save(*args, **kwargs)"?
April 4th 20 at 00:39
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