2 small problems after installing arch + kde. Help?

I ubuntolog, but plucked up courage for the first time to put the arch itself (long wanted). In principle, everything went smoothly before he put his shoes. If I may, 2 questions which tormented at the moment.

1) Fonts in General is good. But in addition to two locations: chrome and terminal. In chrome on the page, for example, mail.ru terrible CG. Here on the toaster - it is normal. In General, in different ways, but in Kubuntu or Ubuntu, this certainly was not.
Ideally, all would like to do there because we are already accustomed. In Konsole too horrible font at all. Not as smooth.
I understand that you need the missing fonts to install, but I don't know what. Maybe there is some ready package?

2) do I set KDE? First put pacmac -S xorg xorg-xinit sddm plasma. Then systemctl enable ssdm. Then neruhomogo user added echo "exec startkde" in .xinitrc. Everything seems to work, but in different sources in different ways described and if I did too much (for example, in one just set up a plasma and all). Still a little confused that the window login sddm looks like something is ugly, not as in kubuntu. Duplicated on 2 monitors yet.
April 4th 20 at 00:40
1 answer
April 4th 20 at 00:42
I guess...
sudo systemctl set-default graphical.target
You have sddm loaded? sudo systemctl status sddm?
Perhaps the first sudo systemctl disable xdm? Before sudo systemctl enable sddm? Or what have you by default as the display Manager, if available at all.
.xinitrc in this case, no need... I assume. Do not put sneakers. Well and reboot.
Well and fonts to deliver what you need manually, can't stand using your package Manager.

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