To whom is the money back after removal of ACC on Upwork?

Recently deleted the ACC after errors in sent documents. Deleted ACC Upwork with money, what to do? As I understand it the account I will not return. But there's 2500. I want to return them at least. Communication on komyuniti, I realized that upwork leaves the money. But it may return either you or the customer. In my situation, I got the money already on the account, that is, could easily bring them up to block, but didn't do, maybe did not even think that this is great!. I think money has to get the client, I'm working relations saved, and I think even if he doesn't say that they're back, they will give them in the form of bonuses. It's much better than if the money had lost both. But still my money, I earned it, the work was completed. And want to know exactly who will receive them. Here are the answers from support. That happened squeeze.

"Hello Alex, the funds will be returned to the original payment method. Thank you." - I understand the original payment method credit card of the client.

It was also where the message type you should get in contact with the client.

If someone deleted ACCA, write how it all was then.
April 4th 20 at 00:43
1 answer
April 4th 20 at 00:45
not officially leave, but really, you can return daleko not all automatic

the answer
the funds will be returned to the original payment method
says come on peyment of fraud

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