How to open bin file?

In this bin there are certain lines in the program you can save them in csv, but it is very inconvenient.
I want to open the bin and just take the entire structure. How is it really?
April 4th 20 at 00:43
1 answer
April 4th 20 at 00:45
If something saves the file, then this function you can get.
If the program is written in C# that use some sort of dekompiler for example dot peek
And look for the method handler on the save button.
In case another language is much harder. IDA pretty well shows system calls for example

Thanks for the reply, but if for example to consider how the decision to order. How much would it cost? - lottie.Reynolds20 commented on April 4th 20 at 00:48
The peculiarity is that in one Bina can be 30-50 csv files that are stored by the button in the program - lottie.Reynolds20 commented on April 4th 20 at 00:51
@brandi81at least need to see the program. Write to my Skype I will look. - Pearl.Rutherford96 commented on April 4th 20 at 00:54

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