How to develop the skills of a web designer?

Studying web design for about half a year, watched a lot of lessons on YouTube, online courses and now a stupor, don't know what to teach next and where to develop your skills? the news is the same, only in other words, and to recognize nothing. There were a few real orders, but it is difficult to find new customers. Make landing pages to add in the portfolio for the nonexistent, fictitious companies and don't know where to go. But it seems on some landing pages will not get far. Maybe somebody faced with similar, as You come out of this situation??
April 4th 20 at 00:45
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April 4th 20 at 00:47
Learn the style and the design elements of the different thematic areas of sites (children's, technical, site specific games, floristry, interior design, etc.) and their types (blog, portal, forum, landing, etc.).
April 4th 20 at 00:49
it is difficult to find new customers

That develop skills of entrepreneurship.
April 4th 20 at 00:51
Recipe from Lance79:

0. First develop at least a rough plan and formulate your goal is moving anywhere it is important to understand where. Well, for example, at least understand in what area you would be interested to work web also the web alike. When you have a plan, you will be able to understand what specific skills need to be tightened.
1. Create knowledge base. Of course, you must obtain theoretical knowledge about the basic principles of design. Here you would have advised a lot of books but it's all classics and easy to Google, I will advise to start with books "Typography and layout" and "User interface" A. Gorbunova is directly base-base, we give it to read to all our newcomers, the price-quality is much more useful some of the courses on skyboxes, you can buy Even on their website there is an interesting section for tips. You can start with this and pay attention to the books that says Artem Gorbunov.
2. Match "nasmotrennost". See other people's projects on behance, decomposite disassemble them and why they are made this way and not another, just flipping and voshischatsya — a little.
3. Always something to do. It is not enough just to read, take an online course and to watch all the lectures from design prosmotr, they can only give a motivational kick, but the study and bleeding occurs during the work itself. Create fake projects, try to redesign existing services, well, for example "redesign of the website of Aeroflot", anything, or create yourself a challenge, such as every day to do 1 page or drawing a day for illustration (here you can Google, here's an example
!Important. As early as possible you need to move on to real projects, even if it's hard to find projects for the money, you can always do something for friends and acquaintances for a nominal money, or barter for beer, but most importantly to have a real customer with whom you need to negotiate is a very important skill.
4. See how senior experts and ask for advice. Don't underestimate this point — a couple of phrases of the art dir or senior colleagues can give a "kick" that no book will.
5. Learn to sell yourself. Start to prepare the presentation themselves now, when it seems that portfolio to collect nothing and summary have nothing to write. This individual design is a task that needs to be addressed to prove its usefulness and to get a job or to projects.

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