Is it possible in linux server to use OpenGL to draw on screen directly?

For experiments installed ubuntu server 19.10 (and any other distro)
want no of X to use OpenGL directly (in principle) that would be displayed.

Tell me, what do I need?
glxinfo gives"unable to open display"

Prompt, please, where to dig at least... Yet in complete confusion.
April 4th 20 at 00:45
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April 4th 20 at 00:47

Because x's, lol, they're just "paint".

Oh, there were specialists here local.
@Reina47 as usual trying to go there, what I do not understand completely.

Of course without the x's and Wyland. If a little bit to include the head, we can understand that the x's and Weiland somehow paint themselves on the screen, they do not use themselves.

The modern way is to use KMS/DRM (on top of which runs the newfangled Weiland)

An example of a cube without x
kmscube -D /dev/dri/card0

If you are using nvidia driver, you need the kernel to pass a parameter to the `nvidia-drm.modeset=1`. In initramfs to put the nvidia modules do not have, as advised, for example in the arch wiki. I have a version of any driver now 440.44 parameter to the kernel is enough.

Please note that you should not be running x, Weiland or any software which will block /dev/dri/card0

Food for thought
Yes, thanks, already found it. - rico.Litt commented on April 4th 20 at 00:50
April 4th 20 at 00:49
Because x's, lol, they're just "paint".
April 4th 20 at 00:51
OpenGL - a set of APIs that allow you to display calculations from the GPU to the x's. Without x's do not do this. As said in the review - there are graphics primitives are in the buffer, but it is not the solution to the problem, judging from the conditions.

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