Is it worth it to go into Android development in the field?

Hi all.
Working many years as a developer on 1C, but would often catch myself thinking - what is it I'm tired and want to do something more serious from a practical point of view.
Live in the province where there 1s nothing in the market of vacancies by IT.
The General theme of the development is very interesting to me and the desire to become a developer for Android very high .
BUT immediately there are many BUT!
-Work (where and how to look after the study and practice?)
-provincial city of residence (how to be in this plan? would it be possible to get a Juno at udalenku?) Of course moving to another town, too, and likely even have thoughts of immigration from Russia, but so far it's just a thought.
Ask your sober advice with regards to my argument
April 4th 20 at 00:47
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April 4th 20 at 00:49
Do not try do not know.

Usually searching on the websites of freelancing
anril, in the province want and eating a fish and you know what not to ride.

If English is good try but at least upwork
April 4th 20 at 00:51
I'm from the province, from the deepest province, we even 1C is not particularly profitable, with wages still very bad in it. Almost 5 years in Android development started with apwork, fortunately I have a great background as a programmer by the time were slightly practiced and forth with a colleague made their way, his English is good, my development, the first orders were taken almost for free, for Reith, slowly crawled salary was two times more than we have in the region on average, now gone from apwork, I'm tired of such a mode of work, his projects began to generate income and go VABank, now fully self-sufficient so to speak. I have experience in office (7 years), on remote, not apwork and that is to the Moscow firm, Oracle there and all that (4 years), and now almost 5 years of Android. As for me the best option is of course the work itself, the Google market allows you to rotate, but it takes a lot to plow, but it is very interesting to build their own from scratch, when you have no boss, no deadlines, no deadlines, etc.

The risks of independent work are certainly higher risk not receiving a "salary" at all. Upvar remember as a nightmare, this is a very aggressive environment, where beginners, can throw, can get muddy harmful customer, we are kind of lucky, now there are regulars that residual something please correct work, but in General apwork for me is the story, I will not return.

As for me, the easiest option is to gain experience on their own, in between working at my old job, then try to sobesednitsa on udalenku. Well, or as said above to do something of their own. Draw your own conclusions, good luck.
April 4th 20 at 00:53
Of course try this in demand profession in the world
April 4th 20 at 00:55
Development for Android can be very profitable if you find a customer that will buy apps, for example cafes or restaurants, delivery services, and so on. Or develop yourself some sort of entertainment app, but then have to spend money on advertising to let potential users to know about it.

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