What is the contract?

Recently I heard the title of the document in which the alleged power of the States passes to IT corporations like T starts. No one knows?
April 4th 20 at 00:48
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April 4th 20 at 00:50
"a document in which the alleged power of States IT goes to corporations"
Lord have mercy......
1. "Power is the ability to impose its will on others even against their resistance." How can "the ability to" transfer "a contract"? The more "opportunity" carried out against the will?
2. In what form and in what way IT will get the power of corporations will use it? Well, for example - to perform the functions of social protection or security of the population or the cultural-educational function?
3. The contract usually has a so-called "side agreement". Which this agreement is signed. Who do you think can be a party to the contract on either side.
4. "IT-corporations" - it somehow sounds cool. What? The first ten of
the Dow-Jones? American or Japanese? And it is thought that about Koreans and other Chinese? They all get power, or through one? And from what state to the power will be multinational corporations?
5. How is it possible to imagine a state voluntarily transfers power?
6. Why the "IT-corporations"? Why don't the electric companies for example? If they want something from turning off the light to plunge the world into a complete collapse. IT corporations are not capable of. And even cooler - Agrarian. If you stop feeding the people (quite -) a couple of weeks, at most months will sign anything. However, in the modern world even refuse to take out the garbage on a global scale that the collapse came very quickly. So I think, get the power of IT-corporations I don't agree with will be offended anarchy scavengers.
7. And then the "BLOCKCHAIN" (the Blockchain — built according to certain rules is a continuous sequential block chain (linked list) that contains information.

In General, "on T begins" comes to mind only one "TKabardin".
Still, before you ask a question well first yourself some time to think over his answer. And Yes, a little less fantastic, crazy movies, fairy tales for younger students.

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