The fault is the power supply?

Hello everybody.
I warn you once: I do not consider myself a professional and not trying to mimic him; the contents of my question might lead you into a fury striking lack of professionalism on my part in the field of computer technologies, so please somewhere to correct me if anything and point out errors that may seem too obvious that I had not noticed them.

The bottom line:

My computer assembled on Chinese motherboard Kllisree X79P, server processor Xeon E5-2869, four RAM modules and video card Gigabyte Radeon R9 280X. In case there are 5 fans, 2 hard drives and 1 2.5 SSD. All this feeds the PSU from Zalman on 500W. I suspect my video card since the change of iron (motherboard, CPU, RAM) was much worse to work, i.e. to cool, to provide less FPS even in not very demanding game (S. T. A. L. K. E. R.). I want to add that card I took from the hands; it works, but when opening the video card, changed the thermal paste when I noticed that some places are burnt on the Board. Yes, I know not to give it immediately to the repair or to throw away, and then to use was a decision peculiar only to humans with 47 chromosomes (please don't point it out to me). But I want to know the answer to the question as to shift the iron it worked much better and I had no problems with overheating or performance.


Whether this is due to the lack of power of the power supply?
Will the purchase of the power supply unit of 600W or 700W, or should I still quickly change the graphics card?
April 4th 20 at 00:51
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April 4th 20 at 00:53
In order:

Power PSU 500W sufficient for this config. If roughly, the percent of 100W, 150W videos, 50W the rest, at full load only. If there is not enough power, then either the system will shut down (Body, reboot), or the PSU will burn.

Video could "fix", "warm", because the place burnt. Maybe not, just flux, dust, oil thermopause or regular heat "repainted", and everything is OK.

Overheating of the video is how many degrees? 95-105°C? If less, it is not overheating. Just in case of overheating, the video (and the whole computer) cuts off.
Bagel (FurMark) on a cold run? FPS when the heat was falling? I think that everything will be OK.

And now the most interesting - percent of your choice of server (I suspect that this E5-2689 2.6 Ghz), multi-core, as much as 8m cores, right? According to synthetic tests, the performance of about 13300 parrots. If you take an old 4 core i7-2600K, then it 8400 parrots. Ie percent 2600K is 37% slower.
But if you take the productivity of one kernel, then:
13300 / 8 = 1600 parrots
8400 / 4 = 2100 parrots
Turns out an old 2600K will be 30% more productive in applications that do not support multi-core calculations.

STALKER does not support multi-core calculations, as well as the video card is not weak, I suspect it is because of percent and you fell the FPS in the game, and with the system all OK.

PS: still at "home" Protsiv auto-overclocking (Turbo Boost), auto increase in frequency, if conditions are suitable. The server XS, is this feature there, and then the games performance may be even lower in practice.

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