Why the need for a landing page — "win a prize"?

Interested in the topic of landing pages - often encounter sites where roulette and you can "win a prize" - so type this: site

Pliz tell me how to earn it and for whom it is intended? - It seems to me that things are not so simple...
Where to start to understand?
April 4th 20 at 00:53
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April 4th 20 at 00:55
Roulette on the landing page to immediately, and without further ADO to create a person the feeling of "win". In this condition he is much more willing to go where necessary and will have much more action in my dreams to get it.

On this site - two of the fake revolution of the wheel, first a good enough prize, the second time even more, I want the third time - ask at the website of the casino. There razvodnyaki to order more, however, and buttons much more, and promises not the same, but the man is already prepared and it is not scare - 2000 hryvnia lost!.

Plus this roulette - a good filter of people who are vulnerable to such manipulation and can be breed for money with much greater probability, I think it greatly increases the conversion came to paying.
April 4th 20 at 00:57
Assume Scam. Although there is a link on the bookmakers, but for every product your merchant (sucker). Yes, and please sign up to get a fictional bonus.

That advertising a landing page, and the Fuckers come and throw their money into the firm, which has just listed on the landing page.
April 4th 20 at 00:59
Here the principle is simple. You get 10,000 "wrappers." If betting wrappers, the winnings are also wrappers. If on account of even a penny of real betting wrappers do not. The only way to convert wrappers to money to blow real money.

In addition, if we won more than we put in, the casino takes a Commission of 20%. That's the stuff.

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