Which mail server is better for the equipment?

Which mail server (- s) you advise for the server (hardware)?
512-2048 MB Ram
Processor 2.7 Hz
ssd 40 GB

1000 email addresses, online 200-300.
The slope on usablenet.
April 4th 20 at 00:56
1 answer
April 4th 20 at 00:58
so they are still two - Exim and Postfix
It's only the MTA. Need another IMAP server, spam filter, antivirus, DKIM/ARC milter, web admin, web face. - brice.Feeney46 commented on April 4th 20 at 01:01
well, that is not the servers

and they are also two - web which Roundcube second, both of the nineteenth century - amy39 commented on April 4th 20 at 01:04

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