How to move the project folder with the virtual environment in the other place?

On the desktop there is a folder, it created a virtual environment and a couple of projects. It is necessary to move the whole thing the other way, for example, in the documents folder. A simple copy and replace of the paths in the files does not allow all this to work correctly. You can create a new virtual environment in a new folder and re-install everything, but it's all a little spoiled, as were changes in some files and reinstall a lot of things go astray. Could you tell me the correct migration path to another folder with all the files.
April 4th 20 at 00:56
2 answers
April 4th 20 at 00:58
Virtual environment unmovable. There's a key --relocatable, but it can only be used at the time of creation of the environment and such environments there are problems. The correct way is to create a new environment and install dependencies from the old one. If you use a virtual environment, it is a question of exactly three teams. If you want more action, you should reconsider your approach.
April 4th 20 at 01:00
It is easier to create new than to figure out where and what pathways.

as changes were made to some files and reinstall a lot of things go astray
I mean in the libraries which were supplied in this environment? Well then, SSZB. There are only advise to move through the patch, these changes in the new environment. As for the future, perhaps it makes sense to put this using pip install -e, and to his turnips, there is just something changing.

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