How to return a value from a database meta_value in Wordpress?

There are Unyson wordpress framework, powered by bootstrap. Supports extensions and custom options.
There is a Mega Menu extension, which contains 4 types of menu items - item,column,row,default. Inside each you can add your option in the form of ass. the array in my case :

$options = array(
 'item_thumbnail' => array(
 'type' => 'upload',
 'label' => __( 'Image', 'fw' )

technical documentation is written to return the value you need to call the hook `fw_ext_mega_menu_get_db_item_option($item_id, 'default')`
But I have returns an empty string. If I call the array of default options it gives me
 [item_thumbnail] => "

While in the admin the image is saved and if you refresh the page, it is.
I decided to look for the option item_thumbnail in the database and found the meta_key

and meta_value to him

Ie the value in the array of options default is, and contains the array key is the url and link to the file.
How to return this value?
April 4th 20 at 00:59
1 answer
April 4th 20 at 01:01
WordPress is itself a framework. But the garden that you have written a piece of rubbish.
Developers need to promote it - even if they support it and do write them.

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