Xl2tpd + Freeradius how to implement authorization?

How to implement authorization xl2tpd using freeradius? I second night, no dohodchivo material. I Use Debian 10. Harvested fresh Openswan, xl2tpd repositories and freeradius also from repo. In kazhestve client installed radcli package libradcli4. If you use chap-secrets, it's not bad, but with the radius of the trouble. Config radius did not change as originally was and is. In ppp/xl2tpd.options has added the string "plugin radius.so" in the file /etc/radcli/servers uncomment "localhost/localhost testing123".
To the radius of any query is there. If you run "/sbin/freeradius -X", it is silent. However, Windows (as a client) 691 throws an error (judging by the logs, it does not pass chap challenge). Maybe I missed something? Who can that will advise?
Thank you!
April 4th 20 at 12:55
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