How to download to phone files from a folder on the macbook via wifi?

Good afternoon.
Tell me, please. How to download to phone files from a folder on the macbook via wifi?

Ie you need to pick a folder on the MacBook and made it visible on the phone. Then, if necessary I could get on the phone to this folder and download to the phone memory some files in this folder.
I.e. not to connect the phone to the MacBook and drop the files and folder MacBook to connect to the phone =)
April 4th 20 at 13:00
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April 4th 20 at 13:02
Hmm... if the Mac can share a folder in Windows, then there are file managers that allow you to configure the connection to a folder, for example ES Commander. I have the Ouija Board watching cartoons with windowas faylopomoyki.
April 4th 20 at 13:04
iOS 13 in the Files application allows SMB to connect to network balls
m.. I forgot to specify, an Android phone.

On the advice above, downloaded file Manager, but for some reason I can't log on the phone to the MacBook. A shared folder set up, but says no access =\ - Laila.Simonis commented on April 4th 20 at 13:07
April 4th 20 at 13:06
Easiest way is to put the transmitters of files via wi-fi (like Shareit), but send have MacBook, but on the phone it is necessary to press only two buttons.
Difficult way to put FTPs (or sFTP) server on MacBook and phone to supply a customer, which a cloud in the PLAY store. And then the required capabilities will be, and even (if you have white IP or port forwarding) access to the folder without the Internet.

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