Is it possible to connect certain pug file when you call the mixin in webpack?

Hello, webpack is very cool plugin called
ProvidePlugin - which connects the desired library if it finds in the file specified symbol
or sass-resources-loader which automatically connects sass files with functions, mixins and variables, but is there any such feature for pug/jade?? Just have a code which is constantly copying from one mixin to another, I would like for the code just to make a separate mixin that would reduce code.
Did a little digging with mixins in a pug, I guess to expand my question, here is the code
 var classes = 'bullet-list'
 classes += options.element ? '' + options.element + '__bullet-list' : "
 classes += options.mode ? 'bullet-list_' + options.mode : "
 classes += options.state ? 'bullet-list_state_' + options.state : "
 classes += options.addAnyClass ? '' + options.addAnyClass : "

ie when we create a mixin we do so
element: 'header',
mode: 'black'
during Assembly of the file helps to put the desired class to the block element to which it is or modifier, wanted to put it in a separate mixin that would not pile up the same code in each block and simply call +—Ālasses() -> (should return the string 'header__bullet-list bullet-list_black'), but seemed to understand what pug doesn't work or is there some way out ?
April 4th 20 at 13:06
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