In the kivy library display the text in the input element kivy?

The challenge to each second display element text_input_2 text from a variable.
The text which were taken before that should be preserved. The text should be displayed each time on a new line
I am a newbie and may need to use a different element for displaying the text.
def build(self):
 txt_input = TextInput()
 txt_input_2 = TextInput(
 change_text(txt_input_2, period=1, with
 an1 = AnchorLayout(anchor_x='left', anchor_y="bottom")
 container_body = BoxLayout()
 container_input = BoxLayout(orientation='horizontal', size_hint=[1, .1])
 btn_input = Button(text="Send", size_hint=[.5, 1])
 btn_input.bind(on_press=lambda *a: self.messageShow(txt_input.text, alias))
 return an1
April 4th 20 at 13:08
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