How to return the values in the selectors?

There is a site on local server (MAMP), try to move on combat hosting (REG.RU).
After moving all files and the database. I see some weird differences in style.

On the local like this:

And on the hosting floor page looks like this:

Ie disappeared background in the breadcrumbs, line-height, font-weight and other in the text and more detail do not match.

Checked in different browsers, turned off Adblock, cleaned the cache to no avail.

And then I noticed that if you login in administrator mode and open, for example, the same page, and click on the button in the WordPress menu "Customize", then everything becomes as you need:


If you open the developer mode in the browser, then the hosting can be seen that the selectors have, but the values somehow do not get there:

Well, here is the same selector on the local server:

How can this be - I don't know well if styles are not transferred, and so partially the first time. Can someone something can tell about it? I would be very grateful)
April 4th 20 at 13:10
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