How to fix the error when you connect a dynamic form of Turbo on the pages of Yandex?

All newbie, thank you for your attention!
Turn on dynamic turbo form on the page with 1 field (phone) but gives an error "No Internet connection"
<form data-type="dynamic-form" end_point="">
 <div type="input-block">
 <span type="input" name="LEAD_PHONE" label="Phone" input type="text" placeholder="8-xxx-XXX-XX-XX" required="true"></span>
 <button type="submit" text="to OFFER"></button>
 <div type="result-block">
 <span type="text" field="description"></span>

Screenshot of the debug web masters, but the same error when trying from mobile telephones.
Proxies do not yuzayu.
What could be the reason?
April 4th 20 at 13:13
0 answer

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