How can I get CampaingId in UTM when is mobile application in Google Ads?

There is a mobile app in the google ads.
When the user registers in our application, it comes to the URL in which Google just gclid (google click id). No UTM marks comes.
Tracking templates in the Google Ads were set up differently, and directly added UTM, and mobile app via the google url builder (refer). Still not come with these options.
I decided through the ads api to retrieve data from a report Click Performace Report. But this report doesn't work for mobile advertising applications. So again, bummer :(
Can anybody suggest how you can get the campaign number Google, which were installation?
If you just link to google play with UTM labels, all normally comes to us in the app and in the url we can see where did the user.
April 4th 20 at 13:16
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