How to select a Part Number from an Excel spreadsheet?

These are the details.
From the table it is necessary to allocate P/N parts having a random set of characters.
Conditional following
Battery LITHIUM PMX165 C 3,9 V, 6,2 AH
Battery accum. 5H-AA2000B
Battery B 22/5.2 HILTI
Battery LS14500 3.6 V "SAFT "
The unit will complement.battery pack SURT192XLBP
Power supply 24V DR-60W-24 EKF PRO
Power supply HLG-240Н-54B
Power supply SFP12010000PE iRZ
Power supply UNO-PS/1AC/24DC/240W

Bold the rooms themselves. Presumably this room is the presence of 2букв and 2 digits. Course number separated from the text by spaces. How do I output all the numbers in a separate column???
April 4th 20 at 13:18
1 answer
April 4th 20 at 13:20
We must first understand - what are patterns. Offhand I see:
1. First there is Cyrillic text, then PartNumber;
2. PartNumber is without any spaces;
3. In PartNumber are always uppercase Latin letters and numbers (with the slash or hyphen);
4. Long PartNumber more than 3 characters;
Already on these grounds can create a simple function allocating their full names PartNumber.
Then would require manual analysis of the results.
If there is a resource to check for the existence PartNumber obtained, the task of analysis much easier.

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