How to change the boot loader from gpt to mbr?

Good afternoon.
I'll tell you a story that happened to me.
The Lenovo laptop has two drives, one 60 GB SSD, second 1TB hdd.

On both disks, created a partition uefi and installed on the first disk, Windows, ubuntu on the second hdd.
Worked for about a month, then decided to change the system in such a way that Ubuntu was on SSD.
On the first disc has deleted everything, including the uefi partition, then I realized that it was my big mistake, just close gparted in uefi it says it's windows boot, and I wanted to overwrite uboot here.
Well, that thought will remove the uefi partition, then create it again. But, something went wrong, I couldn't actually loaded any USB flash drive with no gpt on the second disk. first I pulled out a notebook.

I created a new bootable USB flash drive mbr and booted from it. Removed the uefi partition and the second disk to only work with mbr.

On the ssd drive installed Ubuntu, normal flight, only when the load is visible and the second system from the second disk so no boot loader. How to install it?
/dev/sdb - ssd
/dev/sda hdd.

I installed the program the bootloader and tried using it to restore. But got error
GPT detected. Please create BIOS boot partition-Boot (>1MB, neoformation filesystem, bios_grub Flag). To accomplish this you can use the tool Gparted. Then try again.

Here are the partitions in gparted now.


So I have to go to gparted and disk hdd(sda) to create the first partition at 10m, and then what?

Thanks in advance for your help.
April 4th 20 at 13:21
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April 4th 20 at 13:23
I already solved the problem may not be entirely legal way. Now I will describe.
I wrote above that on a disk with an ssd installed Ubuntu. So that's it, I installed systemback to create backups. This program is able to record system which is now established as the image on the stick, and then the same system can be installed on another PC. Will retain all installed programs and configuration files but not user files, although it is possible to include them in a backup, but then will need to use the stick with high volume. But, I keep user files on a separate partition hdd disk, since if the ssd fails, the data is from there not to pull out. Or store on the cloud.

So, this program, I know how to copy the system. I copied the system from ssd to hdd and pointed to copy and loader also on the disc hdd. As a result, at the start, the system hdd was on the first place at boot I am using grub-customizer configured to in the first place established a system disk ssd.

What I did, more than likely transfer the working system, not the recovery boot loader. But, as I wrote above, I have the data stored elsewhere.

Thank you for joined.
The question for me is solved.
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