Want to do web development, where to start?

Good day to all!
Want to change your activities, because the organization pays for bad work, I started to fade. And to sit in one place you do not want, you want development.

Think about changing activities, and hooked me up with the idea of becoming a website developer.

At this point in time understand html and css, start to impose the sites with the pumping skills in bootstrap and flexbox. It turns out so-so, there are difficulties and they are many: but I like it drags. Parallel read now JavaScript.
1. The thing to focus? Is it necessary to learn PHP? What order to learn? I do know that this area required: html, css, botstrap. flexbox, grid, sass,javascript, jQuery, ES6, React.js git and upgrade understanding of UI/UX
2. Is it worth to think about the toll rates, if the Internet and the way it is? Sometimes I visit marathon of the webcademy.ru actively going through interactive courses from htmlacademy, very helpful this site: showskills.ru actively looking for and study the material on youtube and trying to pump English, it is my zero level.
3. How can I master this industry in order to find work and develop further? To study, I dedicate every day from 3 to 5 hours, once a week can popularity.
4. I would be very grateful if prompt is useful for studying resources.
5. I thought about freelancing or telecommuting, is it real, or is it better to first work for the company? Self-organization I'm doing fine, but the question is in search of customers.
April 4th 20 at 13:28
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April 4th 20 at 13:30
What do we need to dictate to employers. Determine the approximate SN you want. View a list of vacancies offering it. View their requirements.

All employers have different specificity. Someone stamps landing. Here, an important criterion will be how quickly you can finish this, and not really important what technology you use.

Someone carries out the development of sites on WordPress. Then you need in addition to in addition to knowledge of html, css to understand how it works VP: What html it generates in the output menu, the form in which it creates widgets which tags it generates itself, and which needs to register you. Etc.

Someone can be one large corporate site. Here you will need other skills.

for this sphere it is necessary: html, css, botstrap. flexbox, grid, sass,javascript, jQuery, ES6, React.js git

Eeeee ... no.
  • html, css — the Core technologies for the layout.
  • flexbox, grid — specific properties of styles. Should be read in conjunction with the rest of css.
  • javascript Is a big plus for typesetting.
  • ES6 — javascript Specification. Should be read in conjunction with the rest of javascript. That is, if you want to grow in this direction.
  • git Will be useful to you personally and not a bad plus in summary when working on large projects. When the conveyor layout of landing pages that you hardly someone will require.
  • botstrap — Set styles. Not always required and not everywhere.
  • jQuery is an Abstraction over the script. Not always required and not everywhere.
  • sass — the Preprocessor. Alternative to css. Not always required and not everywhere.
  • React.js — javascript Framework. Not always required and not everywhere.

Is it worth to think about paid courses

If you see that what is on the Internet you are missing, Yes. If you understand that without a mentor who you can ask or be asked to explain some point you are right — Yes.

How can I master this industry in order to find work and develop further?

At least you can start looking for work. There are employers willing to hire newbies for cheap and give them basic knowledge. And put on a simple task.

thinking about freelancing

At your discretion. But be prepared for big competition. With freelancing is the fact that you and the developer and Manager client. While in normal organizations, work with the client fall on the other person.

or remote work, is it real, or is it better to first work for the company

It all depends on the specifics of the company. As you would prefer. But if you want to develop skills I would not take udalenku.

From personal experience I will add that the teaching itself is good. But not very useful. But training in the solution of some tasks is much better.
It's like advice — it needs to be in place. If I just tell you that there is a method Element.scrollIntoViewIfNeeded() you will most likely forget about it in a few days. But after examining it trying to find a solution to a problem — remember about it for a long time.

So, it is best to find some work and to develop goals. When you understand that have ceased to grow, change jobs. You will already have some experience and portfolio.

As a hobby project for me, a great way of "pumping". But this is only the case if you have a passion and desire to seek new ways, technologies for development and improvement of their offspring.
April 4th 20 at 13:32
1. Learn to use Google
2. To understand that this topic is already set hundreds of questions and written thousands of answers
3. To perform them
4. Google saves. And the right answer for you will not, because to each his own. Someone who likes the VIDOS, someone books, and the third on articles/blogs
5. As a beginner, by far the to start in the office. The remote control/freelance soon after. For it will lead you to burnout

2 points all that you have described + analyze market needs - Wilhelm commented on April 4th 20 at 13:35
April 4th 20 at 13:34
My advice to you - it's not worth it. And it's not in the fast-changing trends, constant outrage and srach, and not web monkeys like dirt, and not that you will often read like Vasan works in GOA once a week and rowing grandmother with a shovel...

Just... Your work is necessary to nobody. Yes, Yes, that's how it is with 99% of all web developers. A couple of years changing design and sawed a new website. A couple of years Google will come up with new crap, why the sites that have received 90+ scores optimization now barely scrape 75. A couple of years will come a new tier web monkeys, cheaper than you.

About you nobody knows, nobody will thank you, about you write in Wikipedia will not remove the video. Think about whether you need this race is in a vicious circle?
Lelik, all is lost! - verner_OConnell commented on April 4th 20 at 13:37
Similar can be said about any profession... no, dvoriki scgd needed. - Pascale.Kessl commented on April 4th 20 at 13:40
April 4th 20 at 13:36
Try it in Mac to get.
If that doesn't work, at least for a web programmer you do not pass.
April 4th 20 at 13:38
I think the most important thing to find a job ..not strange)
I studied 2 years thought that something was sobesedovanie know how to work with vertoletikom posuti of nulevye knowledge to even answer the question of why js is connected with the bottom failed now for almost a year know how to write passable code) ..
in idialistov don't believe I think that something like it should be prybyl step-by-step:
1) look for a job if welling will teach you everything
css html of course they kept all but now I write mostly pug sass
and most importantly
11) js if you understand how to write it no problems with anything
I very much hope that the code you write not how you write in Russian :)) - reyes_Barton commented on April 4th 20 at 13:41
@reyes_Barton, Russian, and layout is in no way affiliated so there are so many Arabov)) - mohammad_Jacobs1 commented on April 4th 20 at 13:44
April 4th 20 at 13:40
Php is not needed if js is fine. He pulls a bunch of individual technologies, and the volume of the head is not rubber.
Max even nodeJS to do backend. And then you can still npm, SCSS and gulp. Quite possibly will need to webpack, although I hate him, where you can try without it (he's always changing and very complex). It may be useful yandeksovsky bem for the layout. It is simple and useful.
And the rest for working all that is written is more than enough. Now even jquery is not particularly necessary if react has. Better pure js to sharpen efficiently. And, very important - English!!! All documentation in English (at times more). A lot of jobs that were deleted in English. Blood from his nose, but it is necessary to teach him not to stop. If there is a certain level - the better the media italki.com. If not - then in his home town in the group.
In General, I recommend just go and invent your own project and try to implement it. (or repeat someone else) And write it do not hike, but first make a clear paint for itself the terms of reference that it will be, and then to implement TK. Then the skills are well learned and will show that.
And clearly separate the js and layout. because if, say js will not come in purely on the layout to make normal, Material Design just to finish .
Frontenders the demand is huge, so just move on and not give up.
I retrained at the age of 35, quite a earn and happy.
For training, my top (in no order of coolness) in js:
If there are modern courses that Borisov can be.
And itvdn
They very clearly explain the basics, allowing you to not lose motivation and believe in yourself.
There is still Ilya Kantor, he is good, but for beginners I would not recommend it. Too much for it is obvious he does not explain, and it is important at the beginning. But here at the node, for example, directly great.
All of them have and YouTube channels, and pay rates. To buy or download from torrents, it is up to you personally :)

PS I passed\know more than different schools, but consciously they recommend (at least to pay), because there are significant disadvantages. Especially not worth it to pay when you 10 technology 20\40 teaching hours navyalivayut.
April 4th 20 at 13:42
A check sheet like this:
1) Define specialization (backend or frontend)
2) toaster is a search keyword (backend or frontend), see the tips and answers, there have been many topics on these issues
3) once decided look interesting to you jobs and requirements.
4) Study in the chosen specialty. Remember that the threshold of entering the average of 1.5 years. Current job don't leave until you will not be able to earn a new specialty.
5) Refer requests for exchanges and make them as homework.
6) be Sure to take the time and learn English
7) Go to the interview, it is useful.
April 4th 20 at 13:44
With the change of bed linen perhaps... no nonsense better on toaster question to write.
April 4th 20 at 13:46
I think you are interested in Frontend, that is, the appearance of the website, so on it and specialize. That is primarily Html, Css, Sass, JavaScript, JQuery, and all in this spirit. PHP can be a bit of study study

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