How to make a visual designer clearance using wordpress + woocommerce?

Hello. Looking for a plug-in for visualization of design patterns.
You need to make a constructor through which people will be able to choose the right design for your painting.
These designers are many, but as I can not find the plugin.
Examples of sites with a constructor which is needed:
Website 1
Site 2

Found raw plugin name Fancy Product Designer

But he ain't the one to do.

Sample plugin:
1. Person downloads your picture
2. Enter the size of the picture
3. Selects the frame list + more options
4. See how everything looks and sees a price
5. Shakes to order, and then there is work WooCommerce with shopping cart and payment

Is thought to order such a plugin, but who can be to do and where to look?
I would be grateful for help
April 7th 20 at 10:42
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