In Telegram bot to add buttons in Python?

How to add a button in the normal request via requests'"token"/sendMessage?chat_id="chatid"&keyboardbutton to&text=1111')
thus not working, just sends the text without creating buttons
April 7th 20 at 10:42
1 answer
April 7th 20 at 10:44
To send to the server only the keyboard(Inlinekeyboard, replykeyboard and it seems like there are more types), so the keyboard should be a list converted to json object and added to the field reply_markup
import requests
import json

token = <Your token>
URL = '' + token
r1 = requests.get(URL + '/getUpdates').json()
chat_id = r1['result'][-1]['message']['from']['id']
reply_markup = {
 'inline_keyboard': [[{'text': 'text1', 'callback_data': 'Return value 1'},
 {'text': 'text2', 'callback_data': 'Return value 1'}]]}

data = {'chat_id': chat_id, 'text': 'text', 'reply_markup': json.dumps(reply_markup)}
r2 = + '/sendMessage', data=data)

Also, you will have to receive and process the return value and pressing any of the buttons to know what the user pressed. It is denoted as callbackquery

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