Nuxt folder index.vue routing?

pages -> people -> index.vue + _index.js
page - people
the files in the folder index and its js code separate.
Nuxt spits out this
 path: "/people/:index",
 component: '...._index.js',
 children: [{
 path: "",
 component: '...._index.vue
 name: "people"

when necessary
 path: "/people",
 component: '...._index.vue

I know about _and renaming the file will help, I just want to remove this behavior. And if you remove, then how to create CalDAV with dynamic parameters?
Or at least then to fix that would nuxt read only .vue files for components?

For I find this "feature" out of the box by default, but rather a bug.
Yes, I know that templating JS, but in this case it is inappropriate.
April 7th 20 at 10:45
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