As for 1C Bitrix to bring "leaders of sales" for the current section?

In the Internet store for each product bottom offered "sales Leaders"(entire website), use the component bitrix:sale.bestsellers.
Arose following question:
How to configure the component for this product is displayed "bestsellers" not the whole site, from the section to which it relates ?

I tried to change the property "SHOW_PRODUCTS_2" (where 2 is the id of the iblock) on "SHOW_PRODUCTS_1679" (where 1679 - id specific section). nothing is displayed..

Tried to filter to write:
"FILTER" => "arrFilter", also did

Please tell me what I'm doing wrong ? what other ways are there ?
Used this documentation: In Bitrix are not so much experience.
April 7th 20 at 10:57
1 answer
April 7th 20 at 10:59
In the documentation, if you read carefully there is no support for sections and no support of the filter, the key FILTER is a filter for order statuses.
As an option at $arResult of this component have each sold item [IBLOCK_SECTION_ID], plus you can pass parameters to value an integrated component in element.php $arParams['SECTION_ID_VARIABLE'],
In the already template to compare values [IBLOCK_SECTION_ID] with the current SECTION_ID_VARIABLE and hide items where the value doesn't match.

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