Why can't I display data from the internal state if you use redux?

In my component has its own state, it is an array with objects. As soon as this array is Not empty, it is drawn. and everything worked well until I needed to secondentity it with Redux. As I plug it in a weird way, nothing is rendered. Internal state is also working fine. I deduced it in the console before the map function and it shows but the map does not go. Once disconnected redux from the component, then everything works. but the next action on the client (in this case submitting the form), he had already drawn. For me it is very strange behavior, which I encountered for the first time. Please tell me how to solve it.

const renderFiles = () => {
 return (
 <div style={{ marginTop: 20 }}>
 <Grid container spacing={1}>
 //here output to the console and everything is there but below is not working code
 {files.map(({ fileName, base64 }) => (
 <Grid key={fileName} item>
 <div style={{ width: 90, height: 90, overflow: 'hidden' }}>
 style={{ width: '100%', height: '100%', objectFit: 'cover' }}
April 7th 20 at 10:58
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