Than still differs from MVC MVP?

A lot of words already said about this, but the salt from all the comparisons not make it. Please help to deal with specific issues:
"In an MVC controller chooses which view will be displayed. In MVP presenter just updates view new data".
1) do I understand Correctly that the controller directly injected/removes DOM nodes, thus manages the display view. If in this case, the example router: controller depending on change of the path is rendered different pages?
  • 1.1) If so, it turns out, the controller should have references to the instances of all view? For it is said, several view can work with one controller.
  • 1.2) If it is not true, it turns out that the controller simply updates the data in otrisovany view. Presenter also updates the data in the view. What's the difference controller from a presenter?
April 7th 20 at 11:03
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April 7th 20 at 11:05
The difference between approaches to how contact command, users and handlers.

MVC - when the user gives commands no View, and the controller (i.e. the View is not as such logic)
(example=ASPX: a static html page is the View, and http requests go to the controller (on the server))

MVP - when a user interacts with the View, and the View interacts with the Presenter-om directly.
(example=winForms: is View, when you click the code called from the Form.cs(Presenter)

MVVM - when the user interacts with the View, and the View through binding interacts with the VM
(example=WPF: is View. when you click the interaction ID is through binding)

At least I thought so :)

On your question: and Controller and Presenter change the presentation. The difference is that in the first case, the view does not interact with Controller-om (ajax does not count), and the second interacts directly.

I can assume that if the site has ajax, which connects the view with controller, then it is not MVC and MVP.

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