Why not get e-mails with localhost?

Create email when registering a website while on localhost

In index.js

const sgMail = require('@sendgrid/mail'); // sendgrid
sgMail.setApiKey(keys.SENDGRID_API_KEY); // sendgrid

in the right place await sgMail.send(regEmail(email)); // sendgrid

The report says
 accepted: [ '***@gmail.com' ],
 rejected: [],
 envelopeTime: 121,
 messageTime: 163,
 messageSize: 446,
 response: '250 Ok: queued as ***JSKcEA',
 envelope: { from: '***@gmail.com', to: [ '***@gmail.com' ] },
 messageId: '<***df860@gmail.com>'

everything seems OK, but neither Gmail or Yandex does not accept, and no spam.

Tried different methods, using maildrop too. Reports of success, but in fact there are no letters)

If you directly send emails with SMPT of Gmail , it all works.
Tell me another service, please) Which is free) for password recovery and system opowiadania on registration, for example.
April 7th 20 at 11:05
1 answer
April 7th 20 at 11:07
You use a mail address that does not belong to you. The letters came, you need to:
1. Create a domain and its warm. To manually send a few letters different, but relevant content
2. To authorize a domain to sendgrid and set up there spf signature
3. Repeat the procedure

Btw, four years ago, I sent e-mails with gmail, all worked fine, but the spam filters are not standing still, and the verification of the domain occurs through reverse dns and sendgrid does not own gmail.com and can't confirm, so the mail gets into the spam or do not fit the filters.

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