How would you document your JS code?

In one of their libraries I would like to document some of the code that not all will be understood in relation to the subject area, but only some for the following reason:
- all the code is quite self-documenting
- a one-line comment can not do, and may require some not only text descriptions

In the first case it is possible to navigate by the tutorial to the library (if you have questions on the subject area), the rest of it and so it should be clear at least for those who can read code.
The second is much more complex. Should have a separate comment so as not to overfill it with unnecessary text, and as already stated, can be not only text descriptions. And write it next to the main documentation for the project not because it will be more useful for contributor's, not users.

Are there any tools for writing code comments separately, but with the integrity check? That prompted what's new in the code and offered it to comment on, and controlling changes

P. S. If someone wants to argue about self-documenting code, then that is reverse example
A particularly interesting line:
var Tag = function(id, description, min, max, plc) {

What's the point wasting time writing such comments? Is that the type specify, but in my case, for this is the transform-flow-strip-typesfor Babel

@param {String} id - The ID of the Tag.

Waste of time, if so clear from the code that the first parameter is the ID to create the label
June 10th 19 at 14:35
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June 10th 19 at 14:37
generate a list of all objects by their id and the corresponding functionality is very useful for debugging, you immediately see the object list functionality, which could be the cause of the error

in the comments write the details that with time she may forget, such as why you want to do so, and not otherwise, and reference to another piece of code that is related to this logic

or describe the essence of functionality, if the name of the method it is impossible to understand him

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