How to construct websites with search time in ODA.the city?

Hello. Write a small helper for a friend, are faced with a problem. How to display the exact time in a specific city. Rummaged the Internet in search of free of API, but it was not there(at least I have not found). To register manually all time zones and city - bred. Actually a question:
What are the sites which show the exact time in the right spot?
- Is it possible to use/pull from some of the functionality(namely the time point at my request) from the site?
PS a Beginner, you can throw stones, but most importantly - help :)
P. S. S. thanks in Advance :)
Lang: Python
April 7th 20 at 15:21
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April 7th 20 at 15:23
It was a topic is There a time API?.
Can add (I do not use):
- Dater, codes are on github

It is better to avoid API services, which are not updated - it is now fashionable to cancel the transition to winter/summer time. All countries should be constantly watched.

If desired widgets/widgets to website
The second site almost correctly identified my location, but at the time wrong by 3 hours. - calista.Roberts commented on April 7th 20 at 15:26
Thanks for the reply, 1 site has even have to scratch it out - I will unsubscribe :)
P. S. if you want :) - shane commented on April 7th 20 at 15:29
Using "I casteli" utc_offset pulled and did what was needed. The website "". Thanks to all who responded :) - shane commented on April 7th 20 at 15:32
@Delia37, that is, you pulled utrc_offset cities with one service, and did their service, without making any value added?
And what sense to produce clones. You will not be able to follow the legislations of the countries around the world, and soon your service will be a lag... - Emmett.Ankundi commented on April 7th 20 at 15:35
@Hoyt.Hick, You probably misunderstood me. I did not make a clone, at the top there is a description for what it's needed :) - shane commented on April 7th 20 at 15:38
April 7th 20 at 15:25
isn't it? Text them back if they fit.
I will try - I will unsubscribe, thanks :) - shane commented on April 7th 20 at 15:28

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