Drag&Drop in Vue.js why work out method elementFromPoint is incorrect?

Hi! Invent the wheel with Drag&Drop (for the experience and everything, about ready library know).

Doing this example.

I made some edits to the code, but when you copy them to a normal html file, everything works as it should. However, when you run this code in Vue, the code on line 40 fulfills incorrectly - despite explicitly specify the dragged item hidden property = true in elemBelow still returns the dragged element. Spent half a day digging into this issue, but a successful launch in a separate html file completely threw me off. Have no idea what vue can be a hindrance.

In the near future will try to arrange codepen with playback problems.

Here is a good example. In the console displays the value of the variable elemBelow
April 7th 20 at 15:23
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