In woocommerc in the card to bring the price variations?

On the category page in the product page displays the price of the selected variation. But when you use the filter or pagination of products, the price is not loaded. Errors in the console. Tried a bunch of plugins and all do NOT DISPLAY the price.
Here is what displays in the console:
<select id="pa_obem" class="" name="attribute_pa_obem" data-attribute_name="attribute_pa_obem" data-show_option_none="yes"><option value="">Choose option</option><option value="1t">1T</option><option value="meshok-25kg">bag 25kg</option><option value="meshok-50kg">bag 50kg</option><option value="mkr">MD</option></select>

And what kind of data-show_option_none="yes" ??
April 7th 20 at 15:23
0 answer

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