How to show text which is more than cell [UX]?

You need to create a table layout which can be supposedly a lot of data. For example, the cell may be the date and time as may be listing the parameters separated by commas, and so on. The ellipsis in the popup and hide it will not work as data can be many.

What solutions are there which will be extremely simple for the user?
April 7th 20 at 15:25
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April 7th 20 at 15:27
Hi, know a little something about table.
Omit the question as to whether table need and go right to the data.

It is important to begin to understand what kind of flow when working with the table: is the search for moderation, editing, or management objects? From the main task depends on the table design, for example,
- If the task is search of array of objects, the emphasis is on the filters, not the table.
- If this edit one object, the task in finding and rapid transition to the change.

In General I would advise to go something like this:
1. To understand the task for which table need;
2. To determine the minimum attributes for the object that is put into the table (helps session with users);
3. To optimize them, I walk around in everyone: why the date is important, why you need time and so on, to visually transform and make the indicators where appropriate.

Under the optimization I see things as an analyst yet. Example: we had a field of symptoms and it was initially a textarea field where I scored everything. After reviewing a large array of these values we have allocated the list, turning a field of 300 characters in 40, which affected the width of the original table.

Still do not forget about the possibility of customization: on/off columns, change column order and preserve these settings. Valid when there are many roles in the service.

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