Where to find a job Junior Java/C#/PHP/JavaScript?

Taught myself the basics of programming languages in the header. You can write desktop programs, coursework and diplomas for students sites in different CCM to fix. Experience more than 5 years of freelancing, there is a more or less regular customers.

However, I want to develop further in one area, permanent job. Is complicated by the fact that I live in the boonies and only available to remote work and jobs on such work only to the middle and to the Lord from experience.

Where can I look for a job/internship, do not tell me? )


5 years on Friese is all different languages. I can pull the layout for therefore, to write a plugin for WordPress, to create a program for a diploma in C# with a database, course on OOP in Java and so on and so forth - small tasks, we have to take everything to have a steady source of income. And because of this does not work in any one specialty.
April 7th 20 at 15:26
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April 7th 20 at 15:28
5 years of freelancing, this time) can you see yourself poorly? learn to cheat themselves, probably in some kind of narrow focus you're already a Junior, and I can safely expose themselves midlam, the main thing something to cling to, that will really give a boost in experience and seniority, and if there is or there are a couple of projects that are not ashamed to show, then get ready to take a ticket from the provinces in a city where there is a demand for developers. In the Outback it will not work properly to growth in this area, where the ceiling is too low.
April 7th 20 at 15:30
Make a normal resume and start to send in suitable jobs with specified wages 20-30 percent more than You would like to have. A lot of vacancies. Even udalenku.

It is better that jobs was with a small test job. Do the task - get feedback. Doing more and more. And since Your job is to evaluate not some strange man with fl.ru who needs a plug screwed to jQuery, and most likely more experienced specialist than You, and the feedback will be quite adequate.

Then interviews. After 3-4 times You will understand what is required and what must be amended. Most importantly do not be afraid that You will be a fool or a dropout. You those people likely will never meet, and make for yourself can be a lot useful.

And you have to choose one or the other. What I know is best, not what You think pay the most money. This is most likely not. PHP, PHP. Javascript, as Javascript. The front or back.

And better yet, more narrow. For example, only React/Vue/Angular/... Or just Wordpress/Yii/Laravel/... If you spread your time jumping from technology to technology do not become a specialist simply because will not have time for in-depth study.

Well, to walk, to go to job interviews and interview! Beat in the same point! A lot of work for the Junes, and midlow, and for seniors.
April 7th 20 at 15:32
You can write desktop programs, coursework and diplomas for students


Experience of over 5 years on freelancing


Looking for an internship at the XX.ru, for example, but be prepared that you will not take even for free, because before June do not reach you and you'll have to sit on freelancing, cutting millions.
April 7th 20 at 15:34
in fact, for the Junes work on distance a lot, just create a summary on all platforms and don't be afraid to come to the company on a meager RFP. six months later, and SN and the level of programming will grow. and don't be afraid of the fact that you are from the provinces, I do live in on the edge of Russia and it did not stop ostracise the first work on udalenke (a week looking for a job), although the time difference is 9 hours.
April 7th 20 at 15:36
1) Theoretically and practically possible to break through to the developers on remote, sitting in the middle of nowhere with basic knowledge - the reference to Habr

2) However, it is wiser to collect camod and go to where the hiring of Juneau to work in the office. Because it will be much faster, more efficiently and cheaper than pytalasja something to do from home. Moreover, once you have experience of freelancing 5 years, and you still fail, it is unlikely that without motivating the ass I can.
April 7th 20 at 15:38
On hh.ru a lot of vacancies:


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