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1. Mar sells in his online store accessories for popular brands of smartphones.
Her clients share a number of important characteristics. She believes that the highest
ROI can be achieved by narrowing the audience of a campaign on the Google search network.
What are the two campaign settings that you need to ask in order to attract more interested customers?
(Choose two.) Select all the correct answers

• Budget
• Web browser
• Device type +
• Location +
• The type of budget

2. What of similar audiences deletes all the members of the original list?

• Ads to appear in better positions
• To exclude erroneous re-ad
• To the similar audiences list in the original list were repetitions
• To ad passed only really interested users +

3. As extensions to facilitate the involvement of users?

• They take into account the intent, location and the user's device +
• They have a "Share" button
• They contain attractive images and videos
• They have a "like" button, with which user can mark a successful advertising

4. Roman need to raise their brand awareness and create campaigns based on his name.
He has no time for daily bid management, so he chose the automatic assignment
rates. What strategy automatic bidding it is best to use the Novel?

• High conversion
• Target your impression share +
• Optimized CPC
• Target ROI in advertising

5. Boris manages the campaign on the search network for your business. He regularly checks the indicator
optimization to make the campaign as effective as possible. What factors affect the rate

• Comparison of sales Boris with information about the ads
• The popularity of Boris ads in social networks
• The results of speed tests sites Boris
• Key aspects of the accounts of Boris, including statistics, customize, and market trends +

6. Strategy specialist for digital advertising Eugene wants to add in their ads something new
so users often clicked on ads and made the conversion. He plans to add two more
optional fields the "Path" component in the URL, but need to know how long the message they fit.
How many characters can be added to each of the optional fields "Path"?

• No more than 15 characters in each field
• Up to 10 characters in one field and 5 in the other, in total no more than 15 characters
• No more than 10 characters in each field +
• The number of characters in each field is unlimited

7. Xenia washing machine broke, and she chooses a new on the Internet. Along with the usual
the results on the page Google Search displays multiple ads. What
the parameters are taken into account during the auction, which is solved, what is to be shown to her?
(Choose two.) Select all the correct answers

• Ad relevance +
• The advertiser's bid +
• The number of campaigns from advertisers
• Size of ad group
• Campaign type

8. Vladimir works at a company that starts selling a new TV UltraView1000.
Vladimir decided to use phrase match in the campaign for search network ads to
appeared in response to the queries containing the name of the UltraView1000. In response to what other
the queries will trigger your ad Vladimir with set phrase match?

• In response to containing the name UltraView1000 other words before him and after him +
• In response to the names of the TVs entering the market at the same time as UltraView1000
• In response to contain only the name UltraView1000 no other words
• In response to contains the name of a TV similar to UltraView1000

9. Michael runs the company that is installing equipment for smart homes.
His staff recently were trained in the installation of devices for garage doors. Now Michael
want to benefit from their new skills. We can help campaign for the search network?

• Ads Michael can be displayed to users seeking similar device.
• The announcement by Michael will be shown on sites with similar themes.
• Ads Michael can be displayed arbitrarily, thereby increasing the number of potential
new customers. +
• Website of Michael will appear higher in search results.

10. You need to improve the relevancy of ads with a particular set of keywords. You expect
to increase the ranking of ads to maximize coverage. What you need to do?

• Add more negative keywords +
• To attract a new audience
• Emphasize the uniqueness of the product
• Improve navigation on a landing page
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